Sasha Bruce

A study by Catholic University of America’s National Catholic School of Social Service published February 3, 2017, examines the experiences of homeless youth ages 18-30 through qualitative interviews, in order to understand their experiences of homelessness, the factors that led them to become homeless, their greatest needs and challenges, and their recommendations to improve services for homeless youth in DC.  34 of the 57 youth interviewed are clients of Sasha Bruce Youthwork’s Drop In Centers.  These interviews informed recommendations by the researchers in seven areas: housing; employment and education; trauma-informed mental health and social support; documentation services; more drop-in centers; critical time intervention for young adults exiting foster care or incarceration; and prevent homelessness by supporting families and developing strong transition plans from institutions.  Throughout the interviews, young people emphasized the importance of listening to and centering their voices and experiences in order to understand how to improve homeless youth services.

Read the study here.