Stories of Hope


My name is Carol and I’ve been a resident at Sasha Bruce’s Transitional Living Program for eight months now. Before I came here, I did not have a GED or diploma or a job. I was involved in an unhealthy relationship, and was addicted to drugs. My family had even turned... read more


Stuart left home after his mother lost her job. “That’s when I branched off,” he explained. “In my mind, I thought let me take some load off her, give her one less mouth to feed. I was staying with cousins and close friends. I didn’t have no stable housing for two or... read more


I am Jeanette Williams, a 17 year old resident of the Independent Living Program (ILP) within Sasha Bruce Youthwork. One year ago my sister Jaleesa told me about a wonderful program that would help me overcome my fears of becoming lost in the world without hope. Five... read more

Meeting Barack Obama

My experience meeting Barack Obama was a once in a life time opportunity. He is an intelligent and funny gentleman. Barack and I painted the Sasha Bruce Homeless shelter lockers and walls. I didn’t think I would ever in a lifetime meet one of our Presidents. It was so... read more

From History Class to New York City

Alberta Jones of SBY’s YouthBuild Program recounts her experience on our recent field trip to study US immigration history at the Statue of Liberty. And we managed to have some fun, too. “The experience in New York was awesome. We first started out on the road at six... read more

Unexpected Charity

Sometimes the best gifts are those you have not anticipated. Case in point is this note from Reverend Archene Turner, the coordinator of a youth ministry at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Chruch in Bethesda. Our 9th graders in their coming of age program at our... read more

A Speech at the British Embassy

Anthony Ross is the winner of Sasha Bruce’s 2009 College Scholarship Competition. He relayed his remarkable journey from homelessness to a 4.0 grade point average during his first semester at college to a rapt audience at the British Embassy on May 28. Have you ever... read more

From SBY to the Mayor’s Office

Eve Colberg, 16, is a current resident of Sasha Bruce’s Independent Living Program, a residential facility for homeless teens. Colberg currently works in the office of Mayor Fenty. Colberg landed her job as a direct result of attending the Virgin Mobile Freefest, an... read more