Sasha Bruce

The Clearances Process

Clearances Check List

Background checks and clearances are completed in everyone’s best interest! Not only are background checks required by almost each of our licensing, funding, and overseeing agencies, but they also help strengthen relationships between our staff and community. For 45 years, Sasha Bruce Youthwork has maintained pride in creating safe spaces for everyone in the community- and we’re excited to welcome you to the team!

While your role may set you apart at Sasha Bruce, and the impact you have will be unique and invaluable, all personnel (consultants, volunteers, interns, and staff) who work in direct contact with our youth, young adults, and families must complete the same background checks and clearances.

A Few Important Tips:

  • The process is renewed annually, and you are responsible to ensure that your clearances are always up to date.  Please note the dates in your calendar to prepare to renew your background checks with plenty of time for processing.  Failure to update your clearances before they expire may result in you being removed from the schedule and not allowed to work.  
  • Hold onto your receipts! If something isn’t returned to the HR Team in proper order, it’ll be important for follow-up.  Once you are done, submit your receipts with the proper forms for reimbursement.

  • Residency is always established with a Driver’s License or State ID; however, for those of you who are new to the DMV, please remember that when you start, you’ll need State Criminal and Child Protection clearances from anywhere you’ve lived in the past five years.

  • The PREA Certificate is only necessary if you are part of our Occasional team or hired for Bruce House, Chloe House or REACH Program. You’ll take the first course on the upper left, Your Role in Responding to Sexual Abuse.