Sasha Bruce

Lukey Kaempfer Transformation Project 

The Lukey Kaempfer Transformation Project will prepare formerly homeless Sasha Bruce clients to enter college by offering a dedicated education coordinator to provide them with an intensive high school navigational experience relevant to college admissions and to coordinate college access planning with each participant to include:

• G.E.D. Preparation (if necessary);
• After school tutoring;
• Mentoring (particularly during summer months)
• Study skills development;
• SAT/ACT preparation;
• Career exploration and training opportunities; 
• College tour arrangements and visits;
• Practical supports on college campuses where participants have enrolled; and
• College scholarship and financial assistance support. 

The initial cohort will be comprised of 5 prospective undergraduate students during the project’s first year of operation with a plan to add an additional 5 SBY clients annually (until the program reaches a maximum of 25 students).

Candidates interested in joining the cohort group will be required to complete a career interest inventory in addition to submission of school records and a reference for college/career readiness from a SBY program manager.  Client credentials will be reviewed by project supporters to include a representative from the Kaempfer Family; a member of the SBY Board of Directors; a representative of the SBY’s Community Impact Council; SBY’s Chief of Programs; and a member of the SBY Senior Team.

Georgiana Warner and J.W. Kaempfer established the Lukey Kaempfer Transformation Fund on April 17, 2019 in memory of their son, Lucas Alexander DePeyster Kaempfer (1992-2016).  Lukey Kaempfer’s family members and friends remember him most as an agent of change.  Lukey was known for transforming moments of anger into laughter and negative situations into positives.  The Fund will celebrate and memorialize the life of Lukey Kaempfer, while transforming the lives of homeless and at-risk youth through this new educational advancement project.

We are actively looking for additional partners and supporters for this new project.  For more information, contact James Beck at 202.675.9340.