Sasha Bruce


Extended Transitional Housing Program (ETHP)

Personal Achievement Sustained through Self-Advocacy, Guidance, and Engagement in one’s own Success

The road to success is dependent upon a person’s ability to advocate, regulate, navigate, and engage in one’s own wellness and education. PASSAGES provides youth between the ages of 18-24 living with a disability, a shared apartment living experience along with the tools needed to independently and successfully engage and manage milestones.  These levels of achievement include legal, medical, employment, social, educational, and relationship building. Residents may stay in ETLP housing for up to 6 years. Residents must be enrolled in school, work part-time, and save portions of their income. Some also contribute to their rent.

Our team meets the youth where they are in life to assist them with accessing the necessary tools to obtain educational opportunities and/or to secure competitive employment to promote income sustainability and access to resources.  These resources are instrumental to live with little to no support in Independent Living Programs, Rapid Rehousing, Reunification, and Self Placements.

PASSAGES is located in the District of Columbia’s 8th ward. South East of the Anacostia River, PASSAGES is a 9 unit shared apartment building, newly renovated, offering 2-5 bedroom apartments.  Potential residents are invited in for a tour and introduction to the program before matching with potential roommates. PASSAGES is easily accessible to the DC metro bus and train system.


Nenita Davis
Email: ndavis@sashabruce.org
Address: 3043 30th St. SE Washington, D.C. 20020
Phone: 202-893-6474