Sasha Bruce

Stories of Hope

Christina, Youth Advocate

Christina, a bright college student, never imagined she would ever experience homelessness. But when her mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, things quickly changed. Her mom got sicker and could not work. The medical bills began to pile up and they...

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Keyla’s Story

My work as POWER peer health educator with Sasha Bruce made me interested in the medical field.

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A Diamond in the Rough

They helped restore my world of peace and joy and help me clear my mind of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Today, I feel restored.

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Joy rather than conflict

The family set goals of improving their communication, reducing conflict in the home, and Deon had an individual goal to gain employment.

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Selena’s Story: A Call to Persevere

(via Washington Post article by John Kelly) Selena Best learned long ago that if she wanted to be taken care of, she’d better do it herself. Selena is from the District. She was about 4 years old when she and her older sister were taken from their mother, who had...

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