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Steven – in his own words

Steven – in his own words

My name is Steven and I am 17 years old; my first high was when I was 12.  I did not go anywhere without a hit or a pill being popped. I never want to stop cause I remember why I started.  I hurry to the next thing to numb me for my mother is so frustrated with me and says she does not want me.

My mother refused to have me in her home, as I was involved in so many illegal activities that led me into the Juvenile System so I was placed from one group home to another, until I was placed at the Sasha Bruce REACH Program.  I was at REACH for approximately two and a half months (2.5) where I felt the struggle and the confusion while fighting the temptation and sorrow.  During my placement at REACH, I had case manager and staff that assured my safety, encourage me to comply with the court-mandated orders, collaborated with other core service agencies to address my addiction and anger issues, and assisted me in seeking employment. The REACH staff provided me with the support and the encouragement that I needed in spite of me at time resisting the help.  Staff at REACH cared about my well-being and with their hard endless efforts; they were able to engage my mother to participate in my treatment plan.  It took a long time for me to realize that they were on my side helping me endlessly, recognizing my potential and challenging me to see the potential in myself.

It has been approximately three months since I left REACH and with help of the staff, I was reunited once again with my mother.  I am making every attempt to stay away from drugs and bad influences…though I am not perfect as the temptations are still there. I am happy though that I am back home with my mother and younger brothers.  I am also back in school and I am trying to graduate and move to the next level of my life….

Thank You for Not Giving Up On Me!

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