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Mission & Values

Our Vision

Sasha Bruce Youthwork envisions a future where homelessness is a distant memory for
Washington, DC’s youth. We believe that by investing in prevention and early
intervention, we can create a community where:

● Every young person has a strong foundation built on supportive families, access
to safe housing, and quality education.

● Resilience is nurtured from a young age, equipping youth to navigate challengesand achieve their full potential.

● Homelessness prevention becomes the norm, ensuring a brighter future for
generations to come.

We recognize that youth homelessness often begins in the early years. Investing in our
youth and strengthening the systems that support them can break the cycle before it
starts. Sasha Bruce Youthwork is a champion for prevention because we know that
ending homelessness begins with investing in our future – our youth.

Our Values

For more than four decades, our staff and board have been driven by a core set of values:


We believe that our clients possess the solutions to the challenges they face, and it is our role to provide them with tools, experiences, and support that help them achieve their positive goals.


We recognize that working with youth includes making every effort to also engage and support their families, as strengthening families contribute to building strong and healthy communities.


We are committed to delivering services that improve relationships between youth and families, offering access to experiences that teach new skills and provide opportunities for growth.


We value creativity, dedication, and passion within our staff and leadership, and we strive to foster their growth, development, and support to ensure the delivery of high-quality, culturally competent services.


We continuously evaluate and strengthen our practices and programs to be responsive and effective in serving our clients, seeking to enhance our service impact and address unmet needs whenever possible.


We believe that our work should not only benefit the individuals and families we serve but also empower them to advocate for themselves, joining their efforts to create a more socially just world.


Break the cycle of homelessness for young people in the Washington, DC area.

We achieve this by:

● Providing safe havens and stable housing
● Equipping young people with essential life skills and educational opportunities
● Strengthening families and fostering healthy relationships
● Building resilience to overcome challenges and navigate difficult life circumstances

Through these programs, SBY empowers young people to not only find stability but also thrive, becoming self-sufficient, and contributing members of the community.

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Together, we can end youth homelessness in our lifetime. Help us continue the fight for our future.