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My name is Carol and I’ve been a resident at Sasha Bruce’s Transitional Living Program for eight months now.

Before I came here, I did not have a GED or diploma or a job. I was involved in an unhealthy relationship, and was addicted to drugs. My family had even turned their backs on me. I felt at the time that that was how my life was supposed to be; that I wasn’t meant for anything more.

The staff here has helped me deal with a lot and shown me there are people who care and who won’t throw you away because you made a mistake. TLP has shown me that when a problem comes up I can’t react with a temper, and that I have to think about ways to resolve the issue. They’ve taught me how to live with other people, negotiate on things with my roommate, and how to appropriately stick up for myself. The staff helped me with finding a job and activities to get involved in.

Since finding out about this program and being here my life has changed significantly. I’ve been sober for almost a year. I got my GED in June. Once again, I have a relationship with my family and go to church every Sunday with my mom. I’m no longer in an abusive relationship. The staff here has helped me do things I never thought I’d be doing. I’m now enrolled at Gibbs College to get my Associates Degree in computer networking.

I just know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the TLP program and staff.

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