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Community Keeps Us Going



Community Keeps Us Going

Sasha Bruce Youthwork remains open during the COVID19 crisis in part because of an incredible outpouring of community support. We are grateful to generous donors who support local shops and direct their purchases to provide food and goods to Sasha Bruce. It’s the ultimate holistic approach to investing in the critical entities–both nonprofits and companies–that keep our city going, but are struggling during the pandemic.

A critical element of Sasha Bruce’s frontline COVID19 work is providing meals every day at our 19 programs and sites throughout the city. This crisis has increased demand for food and we have met this challenge, providing delicious, healthy meals, snacks, and groceries from a myriad of nonprofits, restaurants, and food trucks.

Audrey Jaramillo, the ultimate community connector, created a triangular arrangement that enabled DC area construction companies to purchase over 400 meals from small businesses and the DMV Food Truck Association for delivery to Sasha Bruce. 

“This was a collaborative effort to be a part of a movement that shows the best  side of humanity. We now have weekly hot meals, prepared from an array of local trucks in front of our Drop In Center.”  –Audrey Jaramillo

“During this pandemic, the DMVFTA made it a goal to help our small businesses by seeking donations to pay for a food truck to provide meals to those that need it most.”  
–Zack Graybill, head of the DMV Food Truck Association 

Occasions Caterer delivery to the Drop In Center

Thanks to the support of The Clifton by Aria, our Drop In Center youth were treated to lunches recently from the celebrated Occasions Caterer. Facilitated by our friends at MoKi Media, hundreds of delicious boxed lunches in gleaning white bags were delivered over two weeks to our youth.  Wrapped up in the boxes were not  just meals, but stories of community support and love and  investment in our youth, and a sense of shared responsibility for each other, even while we physically distance.

We are also excited about the partnership with Labyrinth Game Shop – a popular Capitol Hill game and puzzle store. Owner Kathleen Donohue collected donations for the purchase of items to keep our youth busy and engaged during this challenging time. Kathleen has also received funding from a donor that’s specifically earmarked for games for youth in shelters, and she has generously agreed to use that money for Sasha Bruce. She was able to raise $800, and Labyrinth directly donated another $150 and discounted the games and puzzles, providing over $1,500 worth of products for various Sasha Bruce sites. 

Donations from the Labyrinth Game Shop

Says Kathleen Donohue:

“As a local small business owner, the COVID19 crisis has been really hard. But, I am thrilled that I am able to keep going because of the support from Washingtonians whose financial backing allows me to direct purchases to the youth at Sasha Bruce. Sasha Bruce is a critical community organization whose work is even more critical now. This partnership is the ultimate form of community building in these challenging times.”

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Help us care for homeless youth during the COVID19 Pandemic. To discuss innovative ways Sasha Bruce Youthwork can partner with your business reach out to Danny Rico at

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