Sasha Bruce

Last Wednesday, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced her plans to battle runaway youth in the District. By launching a new website-Missing.DC.gov, it will allow community members and residents easy access to information about missing and abducted young people.

Another part of the plan is to use Sasha Bruce House as a safe place for runaways. The D.C. Police will begin using the Maryland Ave residential facility to bring runaways. Each young person will receive counseling and intervention services and next steps will be determined on a case by case basis to determine if government entities should become involved.

Sasha Bruce will continue to advocate on behalf of at risk, homeless and runaway youth in the District. We look forward to working together to keep our young people safe and off of the street.

To read more about the Mayor’s Plan and our recent feature in the Washington Post- Click Here

For more information about Sasha Bruce Youthwork or ways to become involved please contact James Beck at (202)675-9340.