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Drop-In Center Updates



Drop-In Center Updates

Our Drop-in Center on Barracks Row opened its doors in March.  Through September, this unique harm reduction program for homeless and disconnected youth already has had a total of 738 visits by 124 young people.  A total of 25 youth have been placed in housing – the other 99 youth have been supported in identifying a safe place to stay, including with friends, family, and shelter while they remain on the wait-list for housing.  We’ve offered 186 showers, 215 hygiene kits and 136 loads of laundry.  Our staff and volunteers also have provided breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for a total of 703 meals served.  We are currently seeking new partnerships with the Georgetown Mobile Medical Clinic, the Wendt Center for Loss & Healing and the DC Re-engagement Center to help the young people at the Drop-in Center.


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