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Former SBY Client at Olympic Trials!



Former SBY Client at Olympic Trials!

Darryl Lane found himself at the Sasha Bruce House in 2010, in search of stability and support. Now, he is competing at the Olympic Trials for boxing, and continues to hope and persevere for what is to come. Read his story below.

As a special article on Darryl Lane, former SBY client and current Olympic hopeful, came out on LifeZette today, we celebrate this amazing young man who continues to fight his way to success. When SBY first heard Darryl’s story, we knew that it had to be shared.

And as Darryl’s inspiring story spread throughout social media and the District, LifeZettewanted to help share the good news.

While Darryl continues his fight to the Olympics, we continue to support and encourage him this week, as we are reminded of the impact that hope and perseverance in everyday life.

To continue supporting the journey and dream of Darryl Lane, you can click here to donate to the Darryl Lane Olympic Trials Fund.

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