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Khloe Joins Teen Mothers

Khloe Joins Teen Mothers

Khloe loves the arts and plans to pursue a post-secondary education.

Khloe* has been in foster care since the age of 8, and has lived in three different foster homes prior to becoming a resident at Teen Mothers. Everyday tasks have proved difficult for Khole her whole life as she has been diagnosed with borderline mental retardation and she didn’t know who to turn to when she unexpectedly became pregnant.

Luckily, she was referred to Teen Mothers and became a resident after her baby was born in June 2011. The Teen Mothers’ staff helped her learn how to care for her baby and assisted her with goal-making. Our Teen Mothers staff also assist all the young women with basic housekeeping, parenting skills, money management, nutrition, daily living skills, meal preparation and overall health and well being.

With the aid of Teen Mothers’ staff, Khloe is now enrolled at Anacostia high school and performing well in the 12th grade. The arts are a passion of her’s and she is interested in enrolling in a vocational program with a focus on the arts after high school.

*Names have been changed

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