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Lamont’s Dream

Lamont’s Dream

My name is Lamont and I am thankful to how Sasha Bruce has transformed my life – from going to jail to the dream of becoming a firefighter.

The truth is if it weren’t for Sasha Bruce Youthwork, I’d be locked up.

My life changed the day my probation officer told me about REACH, SBY’s group home for teenagers involved in the juvenile justice system. I stayed there for a few months because I was barred from returning to my old neighborhood until my case was over. I eventually moved to SBY’s Transitional Living Program, where young people ages 18 to 21 live in apartments under adult supervision.

At Sasha Bruce, I was put in real life situation where I pay “rent”, attend school, and go to work. What I like the most is that the rent money goes into an account that will be given to me as I exit the program.

While living in SBY housing, I also participated in educational, vocational, and support groups daily. Anger management class has helped me learn new ways to handle my feelings. SBY youth programs have allowed to pass my GED, acquire job skills, get a job placement, and complete customer service training.

Having completed SBY programs and updating my resume got me my first real job working for a catering company and at Nationals Stadium preparing food.

I expect to graduate next year, and then plan to get a job as a firefighter. I have a lot of energy I could burn off. After work, I would be too tired to go out and get into trouble.

Since working with SBY, I have successfully stayed out of trouble. I have made a lot of improvements—emotionally and intellectually. I’ve been growing up, turning 18. I have come to realize that things I do can hurt me in the long run.

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