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NY Times interviews Sasha Bruce



NY Times interviews Sasha Bruce

The MPD’s decision to post missing youth reports over the net has resulted in a tremendous amount of attention locally.  Now even national media outlets are covering this story.  NY Times National Correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg recently sat with young people at our Independent Living Program, and her story appears in today’s paper.

Sasha Bruce Youthwork has been offering refuge to young people in crisis for four decades.  Outreach and shelter are foundations of our work, and it is important for everyone to know what they can do when a young person needs help.  One essential tool is our 24/7 Safe Place Hotline:  202-547-7777.  But let’s not lose focus on another primary goal of our work:  to strengthen families so that young people do not find themselves in dangerous situations.

DC Mayor Bowser has created a special task force to address this issue.  Sasha Bruce Executive Director Debby Shore has been invited to serve on this important policy-making body.  Stay tuned for more information about the task force’s recommendations.

Catholic University recently interviewed young people in Sasha Bruce programs.  Recommendations from these interviews offer a unique insight into young peoples’ ideas for preventing homelessness.  Read the study here.

For more information about our approach to preventing family dissolution and violent situations on the streets for youth, call Jim Beck at 202.675.9340.



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