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Two New SBY Initiatives



Two New SBY Initiatives

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to help young people find safe homes and achieve educational and career goals.  These goals are particularly challenging for young people involved in the District’s juvenile justice system.  So we are happy to announce a new initiative with the Community Foundation and Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services to implement a cutting-edge project to be “housed” at our Richardson Dwellings Youth Center called Credible Messenger.

Through Credible Messenger, we will enlist young people and adults who have rebounded admirably from involvement with the justice system to strengthen communities most impacted by crime and poverty.  This initiative will allow us to build even stronger, trusting  relationships with troubled youth and families to encourage resocialization and positive choices.

We are also thankful for a new partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to make physical site alterations and expand bed capacity at our Independent Living Program.  The renovations will involve trainees in our workforce development program, thereby combining two organizational priorities: increasing access to safe homes and building capacity at our workforce development program.

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