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Amanda’s Story

Amanda’s Story

Amanda plans to graduate high school in 2013 and dreams of attending college outside of D.C.

Amanda* came to SBY’s Teen Mothers’ program as a pregnant 18-year-old in November 2011 after many years of kinship care and foster care.

She was first placed in kinship care as a young child after her parents no longer could take care of her. At the age of 9, Amanda’s grandmother became sick and was no longer deemed capable to care for her either. Amanda was consequently placed in foster care, where she stayed until she became pregnant and her foster family told her she needed to leave. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder is another hardship Amanda has faced in her life in addition to her frequent moving and un-planned pregnancy.

Since joining Teen Mothers, Amanda has created a goal list for her life and feels that she is back on track. Currently enrolled in high school, Amanda plans to graduate in the spring of 2013. She has aspirations of attending college outside DC after finishing high school.

*Names have been changed.

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