Sasha Bruce

Diana’s Story

Diana called the Zocalo Outreach Program because she was concerned about her two daughters. They were sexually promiscuous, acting out, skipping school, and being disrespectful to her.

They were sexually promiscuous, acting out, skipping school, and being disrespectful to her. Diana was a single parent, unemployed, a substance abuser, and living in a one-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood known for crime and drugs.

With the help of counseling from Zocalo’s staff, the family began to communicate and confront Diana’s substance abuse and its effect on the family. Both girls received counseling with some focus on sexual health, decision-making skills, and goal planning. The entire family was committed to changing and participated in regular counseling sessions as well as family, youth, and parent activities. Diana and her daughters said they began feeling more connected to and invested in each other. Diana agreed to go to a treatment program and one of the girls received additional tutoring and met with a school counselor weekly to help catch up in school. Both girls participated in SBY’s Rights of Passage program, one participated in the Chill snowboarding program and the other went on the College Tour. By the end of their work with Zocalo, both girls were attending school regularly. Diana completed the drug treatment program and was receiving continuing recovery support.

Zocalo remained connected to this family and continued to provide follow-up support. Within 18 months of starting services, one girl graduated with honors and was accepted to college with a scholarship. She has now graduated from college. The other was doing well in high school. She is now graduated and enrolled in a graduate program to become a flight attendant. The family moved into a two-bedroom apartment in a safer neighborhood. Diana is still drug-free, and is working at a retail store.