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Jasmine is College Bound

Jasmine is College Bound

One year ago I was at a standstill in my life. I had dropped out of school, was totally anti-social and was having a hard time coping with the abusive relationship I had with my step-father. I was homeless and angry, but Sasha Bruce Youthwork took me in.

At age 14, I was molested by my step-father. I was devastated, hurt and ashamed by what had transpired. I internalized everything, never telling anyone of the incident, and thus began a downward spiral.

My grades went from As and Bs, to Cs and Fs. And my mental and emotional health fell to an even lower grade. Worse, my step-father continued to hurt me. Not only was I a victim of sexual abuse, but verbal and physical as well. I decided to take action a few months before my 18th birthday. I found Sasha Bruce through their website where I learned of their Independent Living Program. I went through the necessary interview process and got in about 2 weeks before I became eighteen.

Life changed drastically for me. I was assigned a counselor, encouraged to go back to school and got help finding employment. In a year’s time, I met so many wonderful people that helped me achieve things that I thought were unattainable.

Times are hard but every penny you give to Sasha Bruce goes to creating a success story like mine. Please support their work by clicking here and donating to one of their independent living programs. Investing in Sasha Bruce is investing in the future, for the youth that the organization helps are America’s future.

At Lincoln University, I plan to major in Business Administration. My career goal is to work on behalf of an agency like Sasha Bruce Youthwork. I would like the opportunity to keep you abreast of my progress at school and in my career plans. So please stay tuned as I hope to periodically give updates through this email program and the organization’s website. They’ve made a commitment to me, and I am doing the same for them and to you.

Thank you for your support of a truly important nonprofit dedicated to serving troubled youth.

Jasmine Williams

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