Sasha Bruce

Jason Makes a Difference at Ballou

Jason refuses to stand idly by when others are made to feel uncomfortable or oppressed and he greets everyone with a smile.

Jason was involved in a fight at school and was suspended for three months in the Fall of 2010. Upon his return, he asked to join our Youth-Led organizing project.

Jason soon demonstrated that he could be a positive, valuable member of the student body at Ballou High School in Ward 8. He was an integral part of a youth-driven project to add a salad bar and kiosk in the school’s cafeteria. He also testified eloquently at a DC Council meeting as part of a school-wide campaign to secure a new building for Ballou.

Next, Jason joined two other young organizers in representing the Washington area at a youth conference in Rhode Island. And he assumed a leadership role as he guided younger students during their summer job program and with their research projects.

Jason continues to play an integral role in creating a safe and warm space in Youth-Led at Ballou and we are fortunate to have his participation.